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Monday, December 15, 2008

SHOE WEEE!!!I I bet that stunk!

God this is so funny...President Bush should start a dodgeball team...The man still has it!! On the other hand the secret service needs to watch the old movie The Body Guard! Maybe they can learn from kevin costner....hell he was prepared to take a bullet for the president. Then again...that stinky ass Iraqi shoe...I'd rather take a bullet any time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Cry Babies

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing people on the news causing chaos because they didn't get their way. For instance the supporters of gay marriage in California. The state of California majority said NO to allowing gay marriage. Now because they lost and didn't get their way. They go out and protest and cause problems in society. They think that if they kick and scream like a two year old people will finally just say whatever and give them their way so they will shut up! But that's just one example of crowd issues. I feel sorry for the riot police and also regular police officers now days. Everyone is shoving a camera in their face to provoke them while they do their job to uphold the law and peace in our cities and communities. A sworn officer can't hardly touch someone now days without having to worry about lawsuits and being filmed by a camera phone or a digital recording device. Then to be blasted on television and criticized for the actions they used in order to gain crowd control. I understand that they need to have their limits on when to use force. But how do you not smack someone down for getting in your face while you are controlling a crowd telling them that they are being recorded and being shouted out trying to provoke violence. People need to have a little respect for the officers out there. They have a tough job.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today We Learned Something Horrible About Liberals

The liberal web sites were on fire today, but not about Hillary Clinton's appointment as Secretary of State or Tim Geithner's elevation to the Treasury Department, or the six percent jump the Dow took in the last hour of trading. No, as so often happens, the liberal web sites were hysterical about...Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin has returned to Alaska and one might have thought, out of sight, out of mind. But no: the liberals' weird obsession continues unabated. What has Governor Palin done now? In a light-hearted scene that is staged by governors around the country, she "pardoned" a turkey that consequently won't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.

After the pardoning ceremony, she stayed and gave a brief interview to a television reporter. The interview was entirely non-controversial; here it is:

But note: the turkey-pardoning ceremony took place, naturally enough, at a turkey farm. Why do you think they raise turkeys--millions of them--on turkey farms? That's right! They raise them and then slaughter them, so we can eat them! Which is why the governor's turkey-pardoning ceremony makes sense. Unless so "pardoned," turkeys don't tend to die of old age.

What has liberals a-twitter is that--this being a turkey farm and all--someone starts killing a couple of turkeys in the background while Palin's interview is going on and she doesn't seem to care! She continues as though nothing were happening!

This suggests other dire possibilities. When Governor Palin and her husband take their commercial fishing boat out into the ocean for 24 hours at a time, braving high winds and waves, and succeed in hauling salmon into their boat, they don't catch and release the fish! Instead, they let them die so that people can eat them! And we won't even start on what happens when Palin hunts moose or caribou. Did you know that those aren't rubber bullets?

Yes, it's quite a scandal in Liberal Land. Sarah Palin actually doesn't mind when turkeys are killed, almost in her very presence. Which is the rub, I suppose. Unlike the Governor, most liberals make sure they're somewhere else when animals are being slaughtered for food.

But this explanation must be inadequate. Surely liberals would not express such horror if they too eat animals that have been slaughtered for their benefit. There is only one explanation that fully covers the case (and explains the title of this post): liberals must not eat turkeys that have been slaughtered by others. They must, instead, eat turkeys that are still alive, like oysters! I never would have imagined such a thing, but I don't see what else we can conclude from their horror over the turkey-massacre in Alaska.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

“What should a government do”?

I just want to remind everyone that one of the purposes of government is to accomplish together that which we cannot accomplish alone. In a way, some of you may see that as open ended. It is, because things change over time and require new responses to new challenges. The living Constitution is different from the actual Constitution. The Founders were indeed intelligent people so they wrote a document that would need interpretation for new circumstances. There are things that we could once do for ourselves that we can no longer do. We must now work together or fail. While we argue over the purpose of government and disagree about it we must still get together to accomplish our collective goals and meet our collective needs. I know I have raised questions that I haven’t begun to address but I think the central thing that divides us right now is the question no one is facing head on, namely to answer the question “What should a government do”?

What happens if the FED Government were to collapse?

The hard problem is invasion - or, more or less equivalently, takeover by internal warlords. Broadly, it's what people worry about when they talk about a "power vacuum", and the motto is, "if they don't do it, somebody else will". Of course, only talking about removing the Federal government, leaving the state governments in place. I think we would become a collection of smaller countries, as Europe is. The American Federal government is tenacious, murderously so, so don't expect it to disappear before it has murdered hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans. Something similar was attempted in 1861 and failed after half a million Americans had died, and the man in charge of the Federal government at the time is now considered our greatest President and an example for the Federal government to follow.

Unemployment Benies

HOOO!!! More free monies are on the way!! Another 13 weeks of checks while I sit around and smoke my bong and play PS3....Thanks G-DUB...In all seriousness though. It's tough economic times where I live and there are absolutely no job postings in the classifieds. It is a tough market here. I know a few people who either quit there job to try there own luck in starting a business or have moved from another state to live here and now they are unable to find work. These people are not elligible for unemployment how do they survive? What happens when OBAMA gets into office and starts bringing home all the troops from war and they are now looking for work or there old job is here waiting but the man or woman filling in for them has to be let go...It's gonna be ugly. I say brace yourself for some of the hardest and longest bad economic times to come. By the way. I'm off to work. Not eligible for that free money. Damn!